No matter how it gets sliced, divorce in Florida is almost always hard. Moreover, announcing the desire to divorce almost always inflicts pain. Regardless of the tact behind the delivery, requesting a divorce is, essentially, opening the door to a long and winding road.

When infidelity is the catalyst behind divorce, the emotional impact the split may have on the allegedly wronged spouse can be considered devastating. Cheating can result in ill will that is almost irreparable; unfortunately, though, it is common among divorcing couples. Depending upon the circumstances of the marriage prior to the infidelity, some people may believe cheating is justified. However, there are others who believe infidelity is the pinnacle of poor marital behavior. These opinions and, unfortunately, lots of dirty laundry can come into the light during the divorce process.

When the catalyst behind a split is infidelity, emotions may run high. One party to the divorce will most likely feel hurt and humiliated and may suffer a blow to his or her self-esteem. In these types of situations, questions can arise about the full history of the relationship; “Did you ever really love me?”

While there are some guidelines for navigating divorce following infidelity, Florida couples may be best served by seeking qualified legal advocacy prior to navigating the divorce process. It goes without saying that a divorce can become heated – regardless of the reason. However, when infidelity is proven, the wronged party to the divorce will undoubtedly have an overtly strong emotional response.