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The Positives of Equitable Distribution of Property in Florida

Splitting up with one's ex is rarely a walk in the park. After trying to make things work, unsuccessfully, some couples reach a point where it is necessary to start talking about the equitable distribution of property. The legal, economic and emotional challenges that Florida couples go through can be extreme. However, in order to get through the process, one must keep in mind the positive side of divorce.

Many people who have gone through a break-up realize that they are far happier after their divorce than they were in their marriage. They reported feeling a greater sense of contentment and feeling better than they ever had in their lives. They also reported that they were healthier. In fact, scientific data supports the reduced risk of heart disease, depression, cancer and arthritis for people who are not in a marriage filled with conflict.

Reports suggest that children whose mothers and fathers live in separate, happy homes, are better off then children who share an unhappy home with their parents. Among other benefits, for women in particular, divorce is said to help them enjoy a more comfortable retirement. Divorced women tend to delay drawing from Social Security until they are older. Statistically, they are also apt to earn more later in life, helping them to put more money away for their golden years.

While divorce may be one of the most difficult experiences a Florida couple goes through, the stress of making decisions regarding equitable distribution of property, custody of children and other issues may be worth it in the end. No one makes the decision to go through a break-up without the wish for a better life than they had before. However, even if the divorce was not one's decision, there are positive aspects to it. Those that are able to focus on the financial issues in an attempt to negotiate a settlement that is fair to both parties may find themselves in a more settled position to move forward with their separate lives.