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Facilitate child support modification with these useful tips

Not even the best-laid plans are 100% foolproof, especially when it comes to raising healthy and happy children. When parents get divorced, most of them try to create custody and child support agreements that work well on a long-term basis. However, there may come a time when these arrangements begin to lose their effectiveness, prompting one or both parents to seek modifications from a family law court.

For child support, parents may need court order modifications due to significant changes in their circumstances. For example, the parent responsible for paying child support may lose his or her job. On the other hand, the parent receiving child support might experience an increase in income and may no longer need as much support.

Regardless of the reason you need a change in your child support orders, it is important to approach the matter effectively. The tips below can help parents facilitate the court’s approval of their request.

Communicate with your co-parent: Speak with your ex about your circumstances to see if they will agree to a modification. You will still need approval from the court before the changes go into effect.

Do not wait: Parents must act quickly to avoid violating the support orders handed down by a family law judge. Speak with an attorney for personalized and knowledgeable guidance on how to pursue a change in your support order.

Gather documentation: Going before the court unprepared is unwise. Be sure to collect proof of your changes in circumstances to make the transition as smooth and speedy as possible.

Florida courts understand how life can interfere with your court orders. At the same time, however, they will not tolerate violating such orders. When you address these issues properly, courts will do all they can to help you continue supporting your child even in the face of financial obstacles.