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A good parenting plan makes a difference: Create one that works

When you go through a divorce with children, the reality is that a parenting plan needs to be established. Without a parenting plan, there is no way to enforce how you want your child to be raised or a specific custody schedule that has to be followed.

As parents who want what’s best for your children, it’s key to create a parenting plan that works for everyone involved. You want to have a parenting plan that addresses your child’s needs as well as the responsibilities you have to handle in your personal and work life.

A good parenting plan allows you to work together while apart

Good parenting plans help parents stay on the same page even when they’re no longer spouses. They have agreements and arrangements that help them raise their children in similar ways, so there aren’t major discrepancies that cause disagreements.

Good parenting plans will address time-sharing agreements, custody plans, extracurricular activities, health care matters and so much more so that you and your ex-spouse have the opportunity to look back and review it if any disputes do arise.

  • Good parenting plans:
  • Help you connect with your children
  • Ensure both parents have support
  • Help parents satisfy their own obligations
  • Help both parties find balance

It’s time to set up a parenting plan for your children

Our website has more information on setting up a parenting plan and why it’s important to take the time to create one that really works for your family. A good parenting plan helps ease stress and is the first step in parenting together after divorce.