Prenuptial Agreements and Divorce in Florida – Tiger Woods Saga

After publicly apologizing for his “transgressions,” the golfing great reportedly offered to give his wife, Elin Nordegren, $5 million to keep her from from leaving and taking their children with her.

With new reports emerging almost hourly with sordid details of new women, Mrs. Woods was also revising a prenuptial agreement that would give her an additional $55 million just to stay with him two more years as reported by various news agencies.

“If Nordegren can hack being Mrs.Tiger Woods for at least seven years, she gets $80 million, a lawyer familiar with the couple’s negotiations” told Daily Beast reporter Gerald Posner.

Prenuptial agreements often remove the litigation involving alimony and spousal support. Having a pre-nup is invaluable when there are assets belonging to each spouse that neither wants divided and distributed in the event of a divorce. Prenuptial agreements, also known as antenuptial agreements, may be a useful way to establish the rights and liabilities upon the termination of a marriage by death or dissolution.

There are circumstances in which prenuptial agreements are most vital, for instance, when the rights of children from a prior marriage are at issue or when there is a large disparity in the financial resources of parties. However, approaching the other person to discuss a Prenuptial agreement is also problematic. It says to the other person, “I don’t trust you in case we get divorced.” But having a Prenuptial agreement can be considered just a “good insurance” if the marriage does not work out the way the parties believed it would.