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Unmarried Parents Have Child Custody And Support Rights

When it comes to parental rights, the law does distinguish between married parents and unmarried parents. Regardless of your marital status, however, you have rights regarding child custody and child support. One difference is that unmarried parents have to establish their rights through paternity actions.

At Anne E. Raduns, P.A., we can help unmarried fathers and unmarried mothers to establish and protect their parental rights. Of course, with rights come responsibilities. We take great care in explaining these responsibilities before moving forward with any actions.

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Child Custody For Unmarried Parents

Unmarried fathers have the right to be involved with their children, though these rights are not automatic. First, paternity must be established. After that step is taken, we can work with you to establish a child custody plan that makes sense for your situation. Even if an informal agreement has already been worked out between mother and father, it can be important to formalize it to guarantee access to the child. Otherwise, the father’s access to the children is entirely at the discretion of the mother, and he has no recourse in the event that she decides to deny visitation or custody.

Child Support For Unmarried Parents

Regardless of the parents’ marital status, children come first. A child is entitled to financial support from both parties. Of course, before child support arrangements can be made, paternity must be established, since the father cannot be held legally responsible for support payments until the biological relationship has been proven. When child support is being calculated, it is based on a variety of factors. Primarily, it is based on the incomes of the parents, as well as the child custody arrangements that have been set up.

Learn More About Fathers’ Rights And Mothers’ Rights

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