The Importance of a Workable Parenting Plan

When you get divorced, you need a parenting plan that works. It needs to put the kids first. It needs to address your realistic schedules. It also needs to make it so that you and your ex can parent effectively even when you’re not together. 

Remember, that is your main goal when it comes to parenting plans, custody and visitation. You want to be great parents for your children, regardless of your personal relationship. A plan that works puts the emphasis on them, on their needs and on their lives. 

Of course, it also has to match up with your lifestyle. A plan that fits for your entire family can help you:

  • Reduce stress
  • Connect with the kids
  • Take care of your own health
  • Have time for everyone
  • Fit in obligations outside of parenting
  • Get proper support
  • Have fun when you are with your children
  • Find balance in your life

Don’t try to be a super-parent when making the plan. You may be tempted to do this just to show your ex that you’ll spend time with the children, making them feel guilty. But you have work, friends and obligations. You have a life. The children deserve a plan that makes things work for you, your ex and for them. That’s how they can move forward smoothly into this new stage in life. 

When trying to set up this intricate plan, there are many questions to ask, rights to consider and outcomes to keep in mind. You also need to be flexible as the children get older. Make sure you are well aware of all of the steps you can take and the rights you have as a parent. An experienced advocate can help you craft a plan that’s workable for your family now and well into the future.