Pets and Divorce: Who Gets Custody of Fido?

I am a dog lover and found an interesting article that I wanted to share
on my blog. I have had clients agonizing over which spouse was going to
get the dog. It’s sad when both want the dog and fight like crazy
over Fido (but working in Pet Rescue groups it’s even sadder when
no one wants the pet after divorce).

But when it comes to visitation schedules for Fido, unfortunately, Florida
already has case law that makes “pet custody” issues void and
unenforceable. If anyone is interested in reading the case law, it can
be found using this citation:
Bennett v. Bennett, 655 So.2d 109 (Fla 1st DCA, 1995), holding that Pets were subject to
Equitable Distribution (like tangible personal property) and not subject
to visitation schedules.

Looks like New Jersey is taking a different route!

Here is the article from the ABA Journal.