Collaborative Divorce A Kinder Gentler Alternative

Is there a way to have a kinder, gentler divorce without much hostility and fighting? Yes! There is a movement now across the US to help couples and their children divorce without the battles typically associated with divorce. An article from the Democrat and Chronicle discussed the advantages of Collaborative Divorce.

Participants in the Collaborative Divorce process found that it was very helpful because the first priority was the children, or that it was a friendly way to things without killing each other.

Collaborative Law Divorce is a process that enables divorcing parties, each represented by counsel, to resolve the parties’ differences in a non-adversarial environment. Collaborative divorce has been described by some as a softer, gentler technique for divorcing couples who need zealous legal representation, but also place a premium on avoiding litigation. Other professionals may be brought in such as a Financial Planner, Accountant, or Mental Health Professional to help the parties reach a peaceful and fair agreement that works with their family.

Judges have praised the Collaborative Divorce process commenting that, “it that teaches divorcing parents how to contain their struggles to protect their children,” further endorsed the collaborative divorce process for “combining legal counseling with any other needed services, such as a mediator, financial planner, mental health professional or child specialist.”