Religion Can Play Significant Role In Florida Divorce

Divorce can be a trying time for Florida couples as they move through the process of ending their marriage. Many spouses report experiencing stress and sadness as they move toward their new lives, and individuals adjust at different rates and with different levels of success. Although scientific studies have explored many of the factors which affect a person’s ability to adjust to divorce, the role of religion in an individual’s ability to cope during divorce has been largely ignored by the scientific community.

This can be a significant issue, since most people in the U.S. report a belief in God. Many Americans also regularly participate in religious services. The results of a recent survey attempt to close this gap in knowledge regarding religion and divorce. The survey examined how ideas about religion and spiritual theories could possibly make a difference in the outcomes of a divorce.

The researchers found there may be both positive and negative influences which religion could contribute to a person’s adjustment. Many with religious convictions may view divorce as a spiritual loss and religious desecration, which could cause additional obstacles in coming to terms with a divorce. Other negative associations stem from the idea that divorce is a punishment from God, or tension within one’s own religious community as a result of the divorce.

However, the researchers also found that there are multiple positive effects of religion that can help an individual to cope with the negative aspects of divorce. Examples are positive religious actions including prayer, rituals, and worship. All of these familiar comforts can help believers to overcome negative emotions stemming from being angry or hurt.

In conclusion, this recent research suggests that religion can both assist and hinder a person’s ability to cope with a divorce, depending on how an individual associates divorce within their religious belief system. However, it is important to remember that the emotional issues surrounding divorce are usually short-term concerns. One way to ensure long-term happiness and stability, both emotional and financial, is to negotiate a divorce settlement that is fair and forward-looking. In order to successfully navigate the divorce process, it is imperative to have a comprehensive understanding of all applicable Florida family law.