Divorce In Florida Can Be Both Positive And Negative For Careers

It is almost always difficult when a marriage comes to an end. Although divorce can be stressful and emotionally trying, it can also affect one’s career. Most people in Florida and elsewhere may believe that the effect on one’s work will generally be negative, however, many experts claim that the effect can include both positive and negative in regards to one’s career.

One of the negative outcomes which could potentially harm one’s career is the stress caused by the divorce. Such stress may cause a person to work less efficiently. Professionals claim that divorce creates a catastrophic challenge in one’s life, inevitably affecting the person’s work. Also, the divorcee’s employer could be subpoenaed for information, which could hurt one’s prospects for a promotion to a higher position in the company.

On the other hand, in some cases divorce can lead to a rebirth or rejuvenation of one’s career. For example, when a 39-year-old woman divorced her husband of 20 years, she had to figure out what to do to make a living after the divorce. She was a 19-year-old nurse when she had met her husband and eventually had four children. After their divorce, the woman pursued her passion for animals and now owns her own animal hospital and several other businesses.

Divorce can be seen as an opportunity for personal growth, while also moving onto the next step in one’s career. Individuals in Florida and elsewhere can view divorce as an avenue to pursue one’s passions, such as opening a new business. Although divorce can be a strain on one’s work, it can also boost a career as well.