Nfl Legend Troy Aikman Pays Ex Wife 1 75m As Part Of Divorce Settlement

Often times in Florida divorces, one spouse is required to pay the other spouse a certain amount of money as part of a divorce settlement, whether in a lump sum or in payments. A recent news article detailed the settlement of football legend Troy Aikman with his ex-wife. The couple were married for 11 years.

Aikman is said to be worth around $25 million after his three Super Bowl wins. The former quarterback for the NFL Dallas Cowboys, who currently works for FOX as a commentator, has paid his ex-wife $1.75 million as part of their divorce agreement. The news article did not specify as to whether or not any other payments had been made, or would be made, nor did the article go into detail in regards to the actual agreement.

Married in 2000 after meeting through employment, the couple have two daughters. The news article did not go into detail regarding child custody or child support. However, this would likely have been worked out when the marital property agreement was determined.

There are many issues to consider during a divorce settlement and the process of coming to a resolution on each issue can be time-consuming. Conflict can make the entire divorce process even more trying for both spouses and everyone else involved, including children. Florida residents facing divorce certainly have the right to fight for what they believe is rightfully theirs, but those couples who are able to maintain open lines of communication will be more likely to achieve an equitable division of property while protecting their rights under state law.