How Social Media Can Sabotage Your Divorce Settlement

As many Florida residents know, social media has taken our world by storm. What was once used to contact old or lost friends and for communication between peers, is now used as a tool for sabotage in divorce. As awful as it may sound, it’s true, and in some cases, easily done.

When getting divorced, especially those that do not have a good relationship, one is out to get the other and will sometimes do what it takes to make sure they get what they want. Facebook and other social media outlets may be a way for your spouse to work against you, but only if you let them.

About half of all first marriages end in divorce. The reasons are endless, with most couples realizing they were too young and jumped into the water without getting their feet wet first. Since 2006, divorce cases that involve social media networking sites have increased significantly. And this will only continue to increase as technology grows around us.

A divorce settlement can be jeopardized significantly with a seemingly harmless photo from last weekend’s party or a “check-in” at a local club. Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites have potential evidence that could conceivably harm or benefit your divorce case depending on the situation and what side you are on. While this may be a scary thought, it shouldn’t cause you to delete your account. It just means that you should be mindful of what you are sharing and posting with others online. Just as you should think before you talk, it probably pays to think before you post.

Divorce proceedings can turn into a warlike battle when couples have difficulty agreeing with one another. Divorce was never meant to be an easy task, but Florida residents can help things go smoother. Divorce proceedings can be sped along if you have all of your facts and evidence together that you would like presented. And being mindful of what you post online can help you retrieve a more favorable settlement out of your divorce.