Divorce Causes Physical Damage To Children In Florida

The divorce process can be an emotionally draining experience. This can be difficult enough for divorcing spouses, but it can be even more detrimental for their children. For the last 30 years or so, researchers have reported the psychological effects of divorce upon children. However, recent studies have also found that divorce can actually have negative physical affects upon children’s health. These findings increase the need for Florida parents to at least consider divorce mediation in order to avoid a long and contentious court proceeding.

One study has reportedly found evidence suggesting that any marital difficulties, including divorce, can be detrimental to a child’s physical health. The researchers also pinpointed that this type of stressful environment during childhood can affect the development of a child’s stress response. Those conducting the study suspect that divorce can increase sensitivity to stressful situations when the children become older.

Another study examined the potential connection between a child experiencing their parents’ divorce and the likelihood of the child suffering a stroke when he or she is older. The researchers examined the health records of thousands of men and women, while also going to great lengths to eliminate potential causes of stroke other than parental divorce. The study ultimately found that men are three times more likely to suffer a stroke if they experienced the divorce of their parents.

These two studies show that the stress caused by a divorce can have long-lasting negative effects on children of divorcees. This means that it is that much more important for parents who are divorcing to make the divorce process as trauma-free as possible for their children. Mediation is one method that could help to reduce the stress by providing a collaborative environment for both spouses to work out their issues outside of the Florida courtroom.