Could ‘Wedleases’ Make Divorce Easier in Florida?

Divorce and all the pain that comes with it is not a reality that anyone wishes to Face. However, many Florida residents see no other option when differences are irreconcilable. It may be a difference in opinion about how the children should be raised, it may be a change in family circumstances, or two spouses simply grow apart. Nevertheless, because of the reality of divorce and the increasing numbers of couples that must go through this process, some are advocating for a different kind of union through ‘wedleases.’

For example, one Florida estate plan attorney recommends that couples model the codification of their relationship after real estate with a wedlease. The idea is that two people only commit to a temporary union, for just a number of years. At the end of that time, they can choose to renew the lease or go their separate ways. The end of the relationship, this attorney says, would be as easy as moving out of a rental property. Everything, such as property division and who owns what, could be described in detail inside the wedlease documentation.

These ideas are certainly controversial and they would not be possible in our current legal structure. Plus, their ethics are highly debatable depending on one’s religious beliefs and other views. However, even if the wedlease idea is a strange one, it is an important thought to consider. Given the high rate of divorce in our country, perhaps there is something that can be done to change marriage laws in a way that makes divorce easier for Florida couples.

At this moment in time, even without the existence of wedleases, there are ways to make divorce in Florida easier than it normally is. The ease of a divorce often has to do with the attitudes and mindsets of the couples involved. An attitude of reconciliation and an ability to separate oneself from the emotional turmoil associated with divorce certainly goes a long way to making the divorce process less painful. Also, a sound legal plan for a divorce is immeasurably important when trying to make the separation go as smoothly as possible.