January Usually Has Large Number of Divorce Filings in Florida

People commonly look at the beginning of a new year as a time to make changes to their lives. Some may even apply this thinking to the status of their marriage. They may choose this time of year to finally file for the divorce that they have been avoiding. Nationally, as well as on a statewide level in Florida, divorces have been more common in the month of January than any other time of year.

Many professionals believe that the increase in divorces during January stems from people waiting to receive income tax returns. Also, many people want to avoid making those types of big decisions during the holidays, therefore they wait until the beginning of the new year just after the holiday season. Additionally, thoughts of the children may also play a significant role in not approaching the divorce subject until after the holiday season. This may help avoid some potential discomfort when visiting family.

Approximately 80,000 people filed for divorce in Florida in 2009, which was more than half of the people who got married during that same year. Many professionals in the industry believe that 2013 will be no exception to the trend of a large upswing of divorces in the month of January. The month has even been given the nickname of ‘Divorce month’ by many divorce professionals.

Those who are planning to be a part of the expected upswing in divorce in Florida will want to act quickly in order to begin the process before the court system becomes overburdened with divorce filings. This could cause some people who wait too long to experience delays in having their case heard. However, before filing for a divorce, one must research the proper legal procedure required for doing so.