How to Talk to Your Kids About Your Florida Divorce

Florida parents who divorce have a different set of priorities than couples who do not share children, or whose kids have already grown up and moved on to their own adult lives. Young children will have a wide range of questions and concerns when they learn that their family structure is about to change. The way that these questions are handled by both parents can go a long way toward shaping the manner in which children will adapt to the divorce.

As with any significant topic of discussion, preparation is key. There are certain questions that virtually all children will have when faced with the news of a divorce. One common series of questions is simply why the split is taking place. Kids want to know the reason behind the decision to break the family bonds, and they are entitled to an honest but moderated answer.

Even young children will pick up on the fact that their parents have stopped loving one another. While it is not appropriate to go into detail about why the marriage has come to an end, it is important to explain that the love between a husband and wife is very different from that between a parent and a child. Just because two adults can shift and change, the love that they feel for their children is permanent, and will survive any challenge.

By talking openly with children about the divorce process and why the family is changing, it is possible to mitigate much of the emotional turmoil that kids can feel during this time. Divorce requires a transition between living as a combined unit and shifting to life between two different Florida households. Every effort should be made to support kids as they come to terms with their new circumstances, and to be there for any questions or concerns that they may have.