New Child Custody Arrangements Cause for Florida Celebration

Child custody is always an emotional subject, no matter what the circumstances. Of course, certain situations make child custody arrangements even more emotional. For some Florida parents and their children, recent changes in their child custody arrangements have left everyone involved feeling one particular emotion — joy.

In late May, about 30 families celebrated Family Reunification Day in Hillsborough County. It was a day of celebration for families that have been reunited thanks to the determination of a loving parent. Some of the parents present had to overcome great obstacles to gain back their parental rights, but from the description of the scene, their hard work was definitely worth it.

The families celebrating that sunny Florida afternoon came from many different backgrounds and fought many different battles that ranged from drug addiction to domestic violence. There was one thing, though, that tied them all together — their love for their children. It was this love that carried them through the hard times and made them change their lives so that their children would have better lives.

For many parents that are in the situation in which these Florida parents found themselves, the road to regaining child custody seems very long and perhaps even impossible to traverse. This celebration should serve as a reminder that it is not impossible to regain lost child custody because there is help out there for anyone who asks for it. With the help of the Florida Department of Children and Families, the guidance of a family law attorney and sheer determination, a family can be reunited.