High-Profile Divorce Complicated in Florida and Nationwide

Some couples have very few assets, one property or none at all and can usually separate without a fight. For other couples, it is not quite so simple. The more money a couple has, the more difficult things get. Multiple properties, businesses and huge assets cause divorce to be complex and often contentious. For some Florida couples who are like former Dodgers owner Frank McCourt and his ex-wife Jamie, divorce can be a real challenge.

Back in 2010, when the McCourt divorce was finalized, Jamie McCourt was awarded $131 million and several houses. She signed the agreement based on financial figures given to her by her husband that valued their properties and the Dodgers franchise and its assets at about $300 million. Since their divorce, Frank McCourt sold the franchise for $2 billion.

Due to this development, Jamie McCourt now has her ex-husband back in court because she feels that she was short-changed in the original agreement. Jamie McCourt and her attorney state that Frank McCourt intentionally misled her into believing that the couple´s holdings were worth less than they actually were. They claim that the huge sum that Frank McCourt received for the team is evidence of this. Frank McCourt and his attorney state that they provided financial statements that were accurate at the time. Either way, the judge has a difficult decision to make.

If the judge throws out the original agreement, then he will also have to re-examine the validity of a post-marital agreement signed by the couple. The original judge threw out the agreement which allowed Jamie to have a claim on the franchise. Should the judge now allow the agreement to stand, the outcome could be very different.

Both attorneys and their clients are facing a bitter courtroom battle. High-profile Florida couples could easily face a similar scene in the courtroom if in their divorce they are fighting over property and assets. In cases like these, where the stakes are high, experienced divorce attorneys are worth their weight in gold to both individuals.