Details of Former Florida Congressman’s Divorce

Celebrity divorces, like that of Joe Scarborough, happen with such frequency that they tend to pass us by in a blur. However, as much as the news media tends to fawn over such a divorce, it should be remembered that every break-up, no matter if it happens to a celebrity or non-famous person, is extremely difficult for the people who are going through them. This is especially true when it comes to topics the division of assets, spousal support and who will have custody of he children, Florida couples face difficult decisions no matter who they are or how much money they happen to have.

The divorce of MSNBC host, Joe Scarborough, for example, is no exception to this rule. Scarborough reportedly earns an income of approximately $99,000 a week; however, the media has reported that the split-up has not ended with his wife benefiting as much as one might think. His ex-wife, Susan, will receive approximately $30,000 per month for five years, then she will receive $25,000 a month for two more years after that. Scarborough will continue to pay for the mortgage on their home in Connecticut and he will pay the school tuition for their two children. Finally, Scarborough will pay her $150,000 in the divorce settlement.

One interesting aspect of Scarborough divorce is that the two ex-spouses will continue to live with one another and their children; however, they will have specific limitations. For example, neither of them can enter on another’s bedrooms unless there is a specific kind of emergency with their children. Also, after the hour of 7 p.m., neither ex-spouse can enter the other’s designated side of the residence.

As can be seen in this case of the Scarborough divorce, there are numerous and creative solutions available for parents who wish to continue living with their children. While some may debate the efficacy of this parenting relationship, it is ultimately up to the parents to come to an agreement with regard to the best parenting solution following their split. However, in the case that neither parent can come to an agreement, divorce court proceedings will ultimately listen to each parent’s side and come to a decision on the matter. Therefore, it is preferable that Florida parents come to their own decisions outside of court — which can be outlined in the final divorce agreement.