How Florida Parents Can Help Their Children Weather a Divorce

No one will ever say that divorce is easy. In fact, many well-meaning family and friends will say that their own divorce was the most trying experience they ever had to go through. However, if divorce is such a horrible experience for spouses, how are children supposed to cope with the stress and mayhem that is commonplace in many divorces? Parents must consider the fragility of their children and do their best to set aside their own pain and suffering in order to give their children the support they need. Although this may seem next to impossible to someone in the throws of a stressful split, there are ways that Florida parents can assist their children during this time of change.

First and foremost, parents must communicate with their children in advance about the divorce, what they can expect from it, and focus only on the aspects of the divorce that will affect that child and his or her individual world. Do not be surprised if a child reacts with sadness, disbelief, anger or another kind of emotion. Above all else, remember to constantly assure children that they are not to blame for the divorce.

Next, never allow children to become pawns in the power play of a divorce. Some couples, especially those undergoing a child custodianship debate, will try to pit their children against their ex-spouse. This is far from helpful and it will be emotionally damaging for one’s children. Imagine what kind of emotional scars that can create for a child to be made to hate his or her mother simply because the father does.

Last but not least, maintain the stability of a child’s environment. Especially with regard to parent visitation, a little person needs to know exactly when he or she is going to see a parent next to create the feeling of security. The quality and consistency of time is far more important than the length of time that is spent with a child.

Divorce can be extremely hard for both spouses, but for children it can be even more stressful and extremely confusing. This is why Florida parents must make it a priority to set aside their own troubles to help their children to weather the storm. In the end, focusing on one’s children, and one’s deep love for them, can help parents weather the storm as well.