The Lies Florida Residents Believe About Divorce

While it may be challenging to see it this way, especially when you are in the throws of an extremely difficult divorce, our friends are not always giving us the best advice. In one respect, the majority of the divorce advice that Florida residents receive from family and friends is nothing short of a lie. It may be that they have your best interests at heart, and they probably believe what they are telling you to be sound counsel. However, they could simply be regurgitating bad advice and lies they heard from other people when they went through their divorce. Often, this information does more harm than good.

Making a list of one’s beliefs and perceptions about divorce can be very helpful, when trying to discard the ones that are not helpful. For example, the most pervasive mistruth is that all divorces are exactly the same. Obviously, this could not be further from reality. While some divorces will involve a legal and financial debate about asset division, other divorces may be more about child custody. From a legal and economic perspective, these two issues are exceedingly different from one another.

Another idea that Florida residents sometimes believe is that their family and friends are going to help and support them throughout their divorce proceedings. However, it is not uncommon for a friend or family member to disagree with the divorce. This can be one of the most painful aspects of a divorce and while it is certainly not always the case it is a scenario that could come to pass. Discarding our misconceptions about the way a divorce should be can be very helpful in dealing with all the difficult situations that may come to pass during divorce proceedings.

Divorce, in some circumstances, can even be viewed as a happy experience for someone who has freed him or herself from an exceedingly painful marriage. We must not judge ourselves if we are angry, happy, or sad as a result of a divorce. Stay positive and know that in the end it is for the best. Also, rely on professional assistance to take the weight of financial and legal negotiations from your shoulders while you focus on your mental and emotional healing during this challenging time.