Child Support App Offers a Neutral Exchange of Information

For many Florida parents, interacting with their former spouse is no easier after a divorce than it was in the months or years leading to the end of their marriage. However, the need to relay information does not end when the ink has dried on one’s divorce papers, at least not when there are children in the mix. Parents have to find a healthy way to communicate about custody exchanges, discipline matters and child support issues.

In many cases, the custodial parent is entitled to regular child support payments. These are intended to help cover the costs of providing a home for shared children, as well as many of the other daily expenses associated with raising a child. Often, the divorce agreement also stipulates that parents must share certain other expenses equally, such as childcare, health or dental costs and other needs.

A recently developed program may provide many families with an improved method of communicating about these expenses, one that can greatly reduce the level of contention between divorced parents. Called SupportPay, the app gives users a neutral means of uploading information such as invoices, receipts or estimates. Parents can review these documents on their own time, and can then send messages about expenses using the system.

By using an impersonal means of communication, much of the potential for an angry exchange between parents is reduced. Both parties can pass child support information back and forth, and can cut down on the volume of face-to-face communication needed to effectively co-parent. In many cases, communication patterns will improve over time, as both Florida parents come to terms with their emotional reaction to their divorce. Programs such as SupportPay can help make this time of transition easier to manage for all involved.