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Requesting a Name Change After Divorce

The decision to change your name back after a divorce is a person preference. For some, choosing to keep their name is made mainly out of convenience. They don’t want to go through the process of going to the courthouse, Social Security office, or the DMV to handle all of the name change proceedings. It may also be due to practical reasons, such as wanting to have the same last name as their children.

Your ex does not make the decision for you as to whether or not you wish to change your name—that decision belongs solely to you. However, if you do wish to change your children’s names in addition to your own, then your spouse will need to agree to the arrangement.

How to Change Your Name After Divorce

A name change request can be completed in two ways: during the divorce and after the divorce has been finalized. Ideally, the smoothest transition to reclaiming the name you had before your marriage is to handle it before the proceedings take place. To do this, you should include in your divorce petition the name change request.

Even if you do not include the name change in your divorce petition, the process should not be that much more complicated if you are simply changing your name back to your maiden name or the name you had before marriage.

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