Disadvantages of DIY Divorce

It’s no secret that
divorce can be expensive, which is why many people attempt to file for divorce
without the legal assistance of a qualified divorce attorney – especially
those couples who are in mutual agreement on the divorce settlement.

When you plan to divorce without a lawyer’s help, it means that you
are representing yourself throughout the entire proceedings. This type
of divorce is known as Pro Se divorce.

In order to truly benefit from the Pro Se divorce process, both parties
must file for the Pro Se divorce and not question each other’s demands.
No children must be involved, no additional charges should be filed (debts,
bankruptcy, abuse, etc.), both parties should financially sustain themselves
after the divorce, and no investments (retirement, pension, stock options,
etc.) are present for either party.

The following are the disadvantages of a DIY divorce:

  • You may overlook important details and miss the bigger picture due to your bias.
  • The legal system can be extremely overwhelming without any legal background,
    training or experience.
  • If you don’t have enough time in your hands to read many legal rules
    and cases, then you must seek assistance from a lawyer.
  • The divorce process can become much longer and much more complex without
    the help of an attorney.

No matter what the circumstances surrounding your divorce case might be,
divorce attorneys are professionals who understand the intricacies of
the legal system far better than the average person. Furthermore, an attorney
can make the entire process simpler and effective.

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