Minimizing the Impact of Your Florida Divorce on Your Children

Divorce is exceptionally stressful for families. The adults may feel like the end of their marriage defines an entire year of their lives. However, that same event might be even more difficult for the children.

For children whose parents divorce, their experience may be the most traumatic thing that happens in their early lives. The way that you handle your divorce and talk about it with your children can have a profound impact on their social and emotional stability.

Work with your ex to protect your children

You may not agree with your former spouse about a lot of things, but wanting the best for your children is likely an area where your interests overlap. It can be hard to work together on any issue in a divorce, but at the very least, you can likely agree to avoid discussing the worst aspects of your divorce in front of your children. Promising to not fight in front of the children or involve them in your dispute with the other parent can do a lot to shield your children from the difficulties of divorce.

Put what will make your kids happy first

So, it’s your child’s first birthday celebration after you filed for divorce. You might want to shower the birthday celebrant in extra presents and try to keep them with you all day long. However, the child in question will most likely want to see both parents and feel like the family is together again.

Instead of focusing on what will make you happy, always try to keep the focus on the kids and what they need. While inviting your ex to the birthday party may not make you happy, it may be quite beneficial for your children.

Knowing that Florida will likely have you sharing custody in a divorce can be an incentive to start working together better now, rather than fighting over every mistake, late drop-off and perceived slight that arises with your ex. Keeping the amount of anger low and the focus on the kids can make the divorce go more smoothly for everyone involved.