What Are the Florida Grounds for Child Support Modifications?

In some post-divorce situations where children are a factor, there may come a time when the existing child support order no longer functions as intended. Perhaps the paying parent has experienced significant life changes or maybe the current amount of child support is simply not enough. Whatever the reason for a support modification request, parents must be prepared to show why such a change is necessary.

In Florida, like many other states, family law courts will consider making changes to a child support order. Some of the typical reasons why courts approve modifications include the following:

  • A decrease or increase in one of the parent’s financial situations. For example, if the noncustodial parent loses his or her job, a modification may be granted.
  • The parenting plan in place is no longer functional. For example, when parents deviate from the existing parenting plan out of necessity, family law courts may recalculate the amount of child support based on changes to the plan.
  • Significant changes in the expenses associated with raising children may also warrant a child support modification. For example, if the custodial parent takes on more hours at work, resulting in the need for more daycare, a support modification may be necessary.

If you have experienced a recent change in your situation significant enough to affect your child’s support needs, it is wise to seek legal help. You will have a much better chance of having your modification request approved when you acquire guidance from a qualified family law attorney. Your lawyer can help you gather and present the evidence necessary to convince the court why you need the change.