Divorcing Florida Dads: Don’t Be Afraid to Care for Your Newborn

According to many child advocates and scientists, children of all ages benefit greatly from shared parenting involving both parents. Even newborn infants need frequent contact with both parents as stated eloquently by one doctor. “Parent-infant relationships spanning a range of activities and contexts, with separations minimized, are vital to preserving primary attachments.”

Despite the growing involvement of fathers and newborn babies across the country, there are still many Florida dads who fear caring for infants. We have found that this leads some fathers to ignore their child custody rights so that the newborn receives the most care from the mom.

Although we praise these dads for wanting what is best for their babies, we cannot stress strongly enough how detrimental this is to newborns and fathers. If you fail to bond with your child when he or she is an infant, it might be more difficult to bond later. Further, failing to fight for a fair agreement now may also hurt your efforts later.

For example, if you think you cannot provide the right care for your newborn, it may cause you to appear uninterested in your child in the eyes of a family court judge. When the child grows older and you feel ready to take a larger role in his or her care, the mother or even the court may disagree with your efforts to change a child custody agreement.

As parents and family law attorneys, we understand these issues on both fronts. We want to encourage fathers to pursue their child custody rights regardless of their child’s age. You can always seek counseling or attend a new parent class if you feel insecure about caring for your baby. In the end, you and your child will appreciate the effort you made to cultivate a loving relationship that will endure the test of time.

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