The Benefits of Divorce Mediation

Why You Should Consider Mediation Over Litigation

When you and your spouse decide to file for divorce, you may think you have to go through the traditional process of litigation, which involves bringing your case before a judge and waiting months before your divorce is finalized. However, there is an alternative that you may be unaware of.

Mediation offers numerous benefits over the traditional litigated divorce process!

You Make Your Own Decisions

Traditional litigation allows a judge to make decisions regarding your divorce. When you opt for mediation, you and your spouse can determine the details of your divorce on your own. You will have the final say in how you will split your physical property, finances, and spousal and/or child support.

You Have More Privacy

When you handle your divorce in court, the private details of your marriage will be aired for all to hear. In a mediated divorce, you retain privacy over your affairs and keep the written and spoken communications of your divorce off the public record.

This privacy also helps protect your children from hearing or seeing the stress that often comes along with a litigated divorce. A mediated process will help you and your future-ex partner problem-solve custody and support issues to best meet the needs of your entire family.

You Can Save Time and Money

Mediated divorces typically take a fraction of the time, often just a few months, compared to that of litigated divorces, which often take close to a year or longer. Additionally, the court and filing fees for mediated divorce are often less than that of litigated ones, saving you money as your switch to a single-income household.

You Can Avoid Future Legal Issues

If a judge decides your child custody plan and financial support agreements, you may feel obligated to challenge or modify them in the future. Since you and your spouse make these decisions on your own in the first place, you can likely avoid the need to renegotiate.

Mediation Services in Central Florida

As long as you and your spouse want the case resolved, mediation can be a successful alternative in your divorce. Our divorce attorney at Anne E. Raduns, PA has extensive experience with this form of alternative dispute resolution, and she puts that experience to work in helping her clients get results through the mediation process.

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