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The attorneys at Anne R. Raduns, PA can make a tremendous difference in the maze that is getting divorced. Attorney Anne E. Raduns formed her firm because she understands offering a compassionate and always available divorce attorney can provide families a sense of security that they are being taken of.

Our divorce lawyers in Ocala understand the difficulties of such a life-changing experience that is divorce and that is why we have dedicated our careers to only this area of the legal system. Her dedication to providing unparalleled service and achieving excellent results has earned her the sincere appreciation of her clients, in addition to the respect of her peers in the legal profession with inclusion in the Florida Super Lawyers® list. In her decade of practice, she has developed a sensitive approach to family law that enables her to provide the support clients need while successfully achieving their desired resolutions.

Anne E. Raduns

Guiding families through the maze of family law matters.

We Fight Hard For Our Clients

So They Can Recover From This Difficult Time

Attorney Anne E. Raduns fights for the rights of all her clients family law needs. Dedicating her practice to families in need of legal representation in times of: divorce, child custody, same sex couples, asset and property distribution, domestic violence occurrences, and alimony.

These issues are hard enough and our attorneys at the law office of Anne E. Radruns, P.A. pride ourselves on accessible, aggressive, and compassionate service. We fight for you to keep the relationships that are most important to your family. Contact our attorneys today!

  • “Her knowledge, diligence, fair mindedness, and compassion helped make this most difficult journey palatable.”

    Leslie Robbins

  • “Jodi and Anne are on point, very responsive, professional, and know what they're doing. ”

    Nicole Sloan

  • “Excellent Team! Ms Raduns and her team are very professional, patient, thorough and compassionate.”

    Retta Barber

Caring & Dedicated Guidance

For Divorcing Couples in Ocala, FL

We will work closely with you to lead you through the process, to educate you about your rights and options, and to show you what you can expect when preparing to divorce. We provide a number of different family law solutions, such as divorce mediation for working toward amicable resolutions pertaining to child custody, alimony and other issues pertaining to divorce or family law.

Our firm is skilled in negotiations should you be in pursuit of an uncontested divorce, through which you and your spouse will not have to refer your disputes to a judge for rulings. If you are unable to resolve your divorce through an out-of-court settlement, however, we will not hesitate to fight for you in contested divorce litigation. Our overriding priority in everything we do is to ensure that you are able to walk away from the situation with the best possible outcome to move into this new phase of your life.

For experienced representation, contact Anne E. Raduns, PA today!

Let Us Be Your Voice of Reason

We're Prepared to Assist You Through Any Family Law Matter

Three Characteristics We Commit To

What You Can Expect When You Work With Attorney Raduns
  • Being Accessible

    When you have questions - especially in divorce - you shouldn't have a problem getting your lawyer to provide you with the answers you need. Ocala Divorce Attorney Anne E. Raduns is available by e-mail and personally responds to her clients' phone calls within 48 hours.

  • Being Aggressive

    When everything in life is so uncertain, don’t you need one thing that is? Your attorney needs to be willing and ready to do whatever it takes to safeguard your rights. With our attorneys you can rest easy knowing that you will end up with the best possible outcome.

  • Being Compassionate

    The weeks and months ahead may be among the most difficult you have ever faced. Anne E. Raduns will stand with you, guiding you through the process and offering the compassionate and competent legal representation you deserve at this difficult time.

Anne E. Raduns Was Named to the 2019 Super Lawyers List

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