Cheating Doesnt Lead To Just Divorce But Heart Attacks Too

When a marriage is in distress it can be a difficult time for one or both spouses, as many Florida residents may be well aware. However, something that could prove to be even more stressful, is finding out that your spouse has cheated on you. It can also be stressful for the cheating spouse keeping the secret and leading a double-life. A new international study shows that cheating spouses are more likely to suffer a serious cardiovascular event such as a heart attack, which may lead some to conclude perhaps a divorce is the better alternative to an affair.

According to our source, this new study shows that men who are taking part in extra-marital sex are more likely to experience “sudden coital death.” While the study does not present a solid reason for the connection it would appear to be related to the stress involved in cheating by having to maintain the secrecy. A guilty conscience could also prove to be a contributing factor.

This isn’t the first study, though, that shows this connection. A U.S. study earlier this year also showed a connection between extramarital affairs and heart attacks. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention took the autopsy reports of 5,559 individuals that had died from heart complications abruptly. During the analysis of these reports, they found that around 75 percent of those had died while having sex with someone other than their spouse. Another study, back in 2009, showed that men who had a continuing extramarital relationship were more at risk for having a heart attack than others.

Infidelity creates consequences and circumstances that are unmanageable for many families. Trust is what a successful marriage is typically built upon, and when that is destroyed, it can be difficult to cope with the fallout. While many Florida couples may try to work things out, there are some couples that simply can’t get past the hurt feelings. It is these couples that often find it easier to divorce rather than try to save a marriage lacking in trust. Plus, a divorce might just save one spouse from having to experience a sudden health emergency due to having to sneak around.