Court Grants Sole Child Custody For Pregnant Man

In 2008, Florida residents may remember hearing about a man giving birth to a child. The man was recognized as the world’s first ever man to give birth to a child. The transgender man has been going through a divorce with his wife of nine years after announcing his separation in a taping of ‘The Doctors’ in April. One week following that taping, he filed for a divorce and filed a child custody request.

He made allegations that his wife had attacked him. However, his wife denied and reversed the allegations. The couple went to court, and the judge granted a restraining order for the man against his wife and would permit her six hours of parenting time per week with the couple’s children.

On Thursday, May 24, the ‘pregnant man’ was granted sole physical custody of the couple’s three children. These orders are temporary and allow for supervised parenting time for the man’s wife. A final date for court is set for September at which time the divorce will likely be finalized and permanent child custody orders will be set into place.

This case just goes to show that it is possible to win sole custody of your children, which is something that many parents don’t feel as though they can do. This is especially true for fathers, particularly due to the fact that times are changing and more fathers have child custody of their children today. It also shows the importance of seeking the advice of an experienced attorney to help ensure that your rights and the best interests of your children are truly followed.