Holiday Parenting Plans Can Be Source of Conflict for Co-Parents

The holidays can be stressful for some people, due to dealing with family obligations. For divorced parents this can be even more stressful when parents argue over the holiday plans for their children. Deciding which parent a child will spend his or her holidays with can be an emotional issue for a variety of families in Florida and elsewhere attempting to make parenting plans.

One of the most important things parents should do is listen to how their children feel about spending their holidays with one parent over the other. However, rather than simply asking the children which parent they prefer for the holidays, one should instead focus more on simply allowing the children to have some input. When children are involved in the decision making process, it will generally make everything go smoother.

Many times a child is not upset because he or she prefers one parent over the other, but instead is afraid that one parent will be alone during the holidays. It is common in the first few years after a divorce that a child will become protective of their parents. It may take younger children longer to get used to their new post-divorce lifestyle. It is best to allow them to naturally heal at their own rate.

When conflict arises between two divorced Florida parents regarding holiday parenting plans, sometimes the conflict can be worked out between the parents. However, sometimes the parents are unable to come to a consensus. This means one may have to litigate in court in order to attempt to change the parenting holiday schedule to his or her preference.