Occupy Protest Mother Gets Divorce, Banker Husband Gets Kids

Married couples decide to separate for all types of different reasons. Many times, financial reasons cause a Florida couple to divorce. Other times, it is a difference of beliefs and priorities that causes conflict between spouses and eventually leads to ending a marriage. This difference in beliefs was apparently why one mother, who was an active participant in the Occupy Wall Street protests, decided to divorce her banker husband.

The 39-year-old woman decided to leave her four children and her husband behind in order to join the protests. All four of her children range from as young as eight to 18 years old. Her husband is a former financial adviser for Bank of America. Since she has left her family, the woman received some criticism. However, she has responded by saying she does not feel guilty because she is working towards improving the world.

The divorce settlement which was filed in mid-October netted the woman a trust fund worth almost $80,000, as well as a bank account with a $5,800 balance. In total, the court awarded the woman more than $85,000, but gave primary child custody to the father. The divorce documents report the husband’s occupation as banker and states that he earns $65,000 per year. The woman’s occupation is listed as a ‘protester’ employed by ‘Occupy Wall Street.’ The divorce documents state that she earns no money. The couple’s divorce comes after 19 years of marriage.

Although the reasons for this marriage ending are not the typical situation, roughly half of the marriages in our country still end in divorce. No matter the reason for splitting up, when a couple in Florida ends a marriage, there are a variety of issues to be decided, ranging from property division to child custody and alimony. Some divorces can be settled in mediation, while others are more contentious and require a judge to decide the issues in litigated proceedings.