Baby Girl Loses Both Parents Families In Child Custody Battle

It is always unfortunate when a child loses a parent. However, it is even more unfortunate when a child in Florida or elsewhere loses both parents. Not only will the child be in danger of severe psychological damage, there may be a variety of child custody issues which arise when a child loses both parents at the same time. This is what happened to a baby girl who lost both of her parents in a tragic incident.

The baby girl, who is now two, lost her parents approximately a year and a half ago in a tragic murder-suicide. Both parents were still in their teens. The father was 17 years old, while the mother was only 16 years old. Now the tragic loss has left the baby girl in the middle of an embittered custody battle between the two sides of her family.

Both families are still recovering from the pain of losing their two young teenagers, while their emotions are still raw with anger and sadness. The anger between the two sides of the baby girl’s family was so hostile that extra security had to be brought in to the court house during the trial. Allegations of drug abuse and mental health issues were levied against the baby girl’s mother at one point. What is at issue in this case is whether or not the baby girl’s grandmother on the mother’s side should play a role in the baby girl’s life.

Despite the tragedy, each side of the child custody battle deserves to have their argument heard in court. However, a custody case in Florida or elsewhere can become complicated, especially if both parents have died or have become incapacitated. A party seeking custody should be aware of the proper court procedures involved in asserting any type of custodial rights. In the end, a judge will decide based upon what he or she believes is in the best interests of the child.