Premarital Doubts Could Increase Chances Of Divorce In Florida

Marriage is an important decision in any person’s life. One should be sure of the decision before going forward with a marriage in Florida or elsewhere. It has long been believed that having doubts before marriage is a warning sign. Now some experts in the field of psychology have found that when a person has premarital doubts, he or she may be more likely to divorce.

A recent study examined premarital doubts in a study of 464 spouses from 232 couples who had just been married for the first time. The ages of the sample ranged from 18 to 35. All of the spouses had at least a 10th grade education. In the initial interview, each spouse was asked if he or she had ever been uncertain or hesitant about getting married. The researchers then studied the couples for four years to see whether or not the couples ended up staying together.

The study found that at least one spouse in two-thirds of the couples had doubts about getting married. This accounted for 47 percent of the husbands and 38 percent of the wives. Overall, 12 percent of the couples interviewed divorced within the first four years. The study also revealed that doubts did not seem to be predictive of divorce for husbands. On the other hand, wives with premarital doubts did have a higher tendency for divorce.

Understanding the role premarital doubts play in marriage and divorce can help couples avoid making a mistake in some cases. However, despite this knowledge, many couples in Florida and elsewhere will still end up breaking off their marriages. This leaves a variety of issues to be sorted out, such as property division, child support, alimony, and more. These issues will be required to be settled through an agreement between the parties or by a court of law.