Divorce With Children: Are There Any Benefits?

No Florida parent has likely ever gone through a divorce without worrying about the effects it might have on his or her children. Most assume that divorce will have extremely negative effects on the growth and development of their offspring; however, Florida parents often forget how resilient and adaptable children are. In fact, when it comes to divorces with children, children can actually learn valuable life lessons from a breakup, the same way adults do.

For example, children learn that there are times when two individuals need to have space from each other, and it is okay when this happens. They also learn how important honest and open communication is to relationships. Additionally, children can learn that it is possible to live and thrive independently of a relationship.

Other great life lessons include the willingness to admit one’s failings and the willingness to try to fix them. In some cases, children will realize the limitless degree to which their parents love them. They will also realize how important self-respect is in life.

The list of valuable lessons goes on. Every separation and every family circumstance offers different things for children to learn. In this sense, Florida divorces with children do not have to be seen as the absolute end of the world. Yes, there will likely be negative effects, and one’s children may have a very hard time coping with the separation of their parents. However, the positive side is also there, even if these kinds of benefits take time to be revealed.

In the end, the best thing that parents can do to ensure the breakup is healthy for their children, is to keep the lines of communication healthy and open. This also includes participating in non-judgmental communication in the divorce litigation. By maintaining a peaceful and conciliatory demeanor during the legal process, divorces involving children can be a far easier and more relaxed process