Can Gut Instincts Predict a Divorce?

According to researchers, pre-wedding instincts may be an indicator of a future divorce. A study featured in a scientific journal revealed that gut instincts just before a marriage may help predict the success or failure of a marriage and whether it could end in divorce within a four-year timeframe. Certainly, pre-wedding jitters are not uncommon for Florida couples the night before they get married, but according to this study, it might be important to listen to one’s instincts.

The study monitored 135 newlyweds claiming to be happily married, and had them take a test that was specially designed to highlight any subconscious doubts. The test was similar to those used to highlight the prejudices in people with regard to gender, race and age. Specifically, each bride or groom was shown photos of their spouse and asked to associate a negative or a positive word to the photo.

Participants who felt good about their spouses connected positive words with the photos of their spouses more quickly than those who had subconscious doubts. Those with subconscious doubts were more apt to get a divorce within four years. Still, the Florida State University psychology professor who led the research study admits that the study is not perfect. He said that he would not utilize the system to test his own future spouse, but he does believe it is worthwhile to listen to our instincts.

Florida couples who are going through a divorce are well aware that the process can be one of the most difficult experiences that anyone may ever experience. It’s no wonder scientists are trying to figure out a way to “test” the future viability of a marriage. Nevertheless, love and human relationships are certainly difficult to predict. There is seldom a simple explanation why a marriage dissolves, and rather than asking “why,” it may be best for divorcing couples to focus on how to navigate their legal separation as smoothly and cost-effectively as possible. Fortunately, numerous strategies involving mediation and out-of-court settlements exist, which can help make getting a divorce easier and less painful for all parties involved.