Divorce Rate Rising for Florida Couples Over 50 Years of Age

For many people, finding the courage to file for a divorce is the first step to commencing a new and independent life. Although the idea of a divorce can be intimidating for many Florida residents, an increasing number of people are filing for divorce later on in their life. Although there are a wide range of reasons for this dynamic, the evolving sociological changes in American society have given more individuals the confidence they need to pursue such an action.

It has been reported that the divorce rate amongst individuals over 50 years of age doubled from 1990-2010. Meanwhile, the divorce rate has stayed relatively stable for younger couples. It has been cited that the ability for more couples to each earn a living outside the home, along with some refusing to follow the dictates of their church regarding divorce, may have contributed to this increased rate.

A divorce in the later years can raise some issues that may not affect younger couples as severely. Medical insurance is one such concern. Many older couples that are divorcing may need to look at ways to be covered by insurance for a set period after the divorce is finalized, such as like a COBRA plan, which provides for temporary insurance after a divorce.

A divorce may not be as daunting a task as many Florida residents may think, even when they are approaching the age of retirement. As has been shown, more and more people are finding a way to proceed with the divorce so they can commence a new life free of the stresses that were associated with the marriage. If properly planned for, the divorce itself may allow both parties to free themselves with as little strain as possible and with the financial independence they need to begin their new chapter in life.