Mother Withdraws Paternity Suit Against Michael Jordan

Even Florida residents that aren’t sports fans may have heard about the recent lawsuit filed against Michael Jordan. A woman filed a paternity suit against Jordan alleging that he was the father of her teenage son. In a seemingly sudden move, the woman has withdrawn her claim. A spokesperson for Jordan says that there was no settlement with the woman since her claims have no merit.

According to her attorney, the woman that filed the case originally did so without an attorney. As a court hearing approached, she hired an attorney that later advised her that having the lawsuit dismissed without prejudice would be the best move for her son at this time. She is free to re-file her case at a later date, if she so desires.

Jordan denies the allegations in the lawsuit and says that he is not the father of the woman’s child. Court documents filed by Jordan indicate that paternity of the woman’s son was established during her divorce. Her ex-husband was determined to be the boy’s father; but he has not been paying child support and has not been a part of the teen’s life.

Many men in Florida may be able to empathize with Michael Jordan’s plight. Some men are brought to court on allegations that they are the father of a child only to find out through paternity testing that they are, in fact, not the father. There are some women who sometimes attempt to take advantage of the system and try to obtain child support from a man that is not the father of their child. This only makes it more difficult for women who are simply trying to get a father to take responsibility for his child.