Advice for Proper Etiquette Inside Florida Divorce Court

Florida residents who are going through a divorce tend to have a lot of fears when it comes to appearing in court. The judge may be reviewing a party’s credibility and perhaps trying to determine whether he or she will be a good parent. Attorneys representing a soon-to-be ex-spouse will also be observing the other party to the divorce to see if he or she is in control of their emotions. They will also be evaluating how likeable the parties are, or how despicable they may happen to appear, because all these may influence the decisions made in a Florida divorce court. So what can we do to appear our best in court?

First and foremost, it is best to arrive at least 15 minutes early, before the scheduled time for a court appearance. For this reason, allow extra time just in case there is traffic, and in order to park the car. Arriving in court early may provide time to check personal appearance, collect thoughts, and discuss any important matters with designated counsel.

It may seem obvious, but it is also important to dress appropriately. Always dress in a very neat and professional manner, as if preparing for work in a formal office. Also, turn the ringer off on any cell phones, or put cell phones are on vibrate, and know that if a cell phone begins to ring, an officer of the court will likely confiscate it. There is little that will make the judge angrier than a cell phone that is loud ringing in the middle of formal proceedings.

There are other important pieces of advice about appearing confident, knowing when to stop talking and being courteous to the staff in the courtroom. Moreover, do not chew gum or eat during the session, and maintain a “poker face” in order to avoid showing anger or agitation at the opposing side. At the end of the day, the most important advice is to use common sense and be as professional, considerate and polite as possible in the courtroom. By maintaining composure, and utilizing a well-organized and strategic legal approach, Florida residents can greatly improve their stature inside divorce court proceedings.