Florida Governor Says 2014 May Bring Alimony Reform

Florida alimony continues to be one of the most frequently amended laws in the states. One of the most contested portions is the fact that retroactivity means that some spouses are required to support an ex-spouse until death. However, there have been modifications to the law, with many local and state groups attempting to revise the state’s alimony laws, but as of yet, most still view them as outdated and unfair to the spouse doing the paying.

The president of Family Law Reform recently met with the Florida governor to discuss a proposal to reform alimony laws once again. It appears that 2014 could bring amendments that will benefit the paying spouse and work to balance the amount paid with what is affordable to him or her. This is not the first time such amendments have been discussed. In fact, promises to level the playing field between the paying spouse and the supported spouse have come up several times in the past.

What is on the docket for 2014 reforms include adjusting or removing alimony payments when the paying spouse retires and using an average of the two spouses’ incomes so that it’s affordable for both. There are several other items included in the proposed reform, but these two items seem to benefit the paying spouse the most. Even though these reform bills have failed to pass previously, the public outcry now seems loud enough that very little could stop the movement to radically change the alimony laws in Florida.

Most states have reportedly already reformed their alimony laws or are looking into reform bills. It is hard to know if 2014 will really bring a change in alimony laws in Florida. However, most Floridians, especially the paying spouses, seem to agree that alimony laws are in need of a change or an update.