3 Things You Should Do Before Filing for a Divorce

Often couples considering divorce approach the process by making several of their decisions based on emotion. As experienced Ocala divorce attorneys, we have seen our fair share of acrimonious divorces. Whether your divorce is collaborative, contested or mutual, we hope this guide provides you with the insight you need to start your divorce out on the right foot.

Get a Clear Picture of Your Finances

If you and your spouse have joint accounts, loans, and credit cards, you should get a clear picture of your finances before filing for divorce. During the divorce proceedings, you will be required to make an equitable distribution of all marital assets. If you and your spouse plan on getting a divorce, discussing the state of your joint finances beforehand is a critical step on your path toward making a clean break. Make a list of what you own and what you owe. Take inventory of all valuable assets like properties, cars, boats, pension plans, and other valuable items. Consider requesting a copy of your credit report, this way you will be able to view any accounts that appear under your name.

Should You Stay or Move Out

As the most commonly asked question we get, the advice our legal team provides inquiring clients is to stay in the family home unless there is a history of domestic abuse. If you want to keep the home, moving out could mean you lose the ability to negotiate keeping it, so consider weighing your options out carefully. Consider discussing strategies with your Ocala divorce lawyer regarding your options.

Hire a Qualified Divorce Attorney

In the age of Google, Yelp, and Facebook, choosing the right Ocala divorce attorney can seem overwhelming. The team of Anne E. Raduns, PA has a passionate commitment to helping families navigate the process of divorce. Our legal team takes a collaborative approach in representing you; we aim to keep you well informed of any legal strategies we intend to deploy. Unlike some divorce attorneys only interested in taking your money, our team understands the importance of settling divorce matters without litigation.

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