Why Couples Over 50 Are Divorcing

Evidence shows humans are living longer lives today than any other generation
before. According to a recent census statistic, the average lifespan of
a man is about 77 years, while women are living upwards of 84-years-old.
As more people begin living active, healthy lifestyles well into their
70’s, it only makes sense that couples married for 25+ years start
to reevaluate their marriage. Below are some of the common reasons our
Ocala divorce lawyers hear couples married for a quarter century or more
are getting divorced.

Need for Independence

Women are most often the one to seek divorce in a couple who has been married
for over twenty years. After the children grow up and leave the house,
many women decide to go back into the workforce. As they become more financially
stable, the prospect of leaving an already unhappy marriage becomes less
stressful because they can support themselves. With their newfound financial
independence and statistical chances of living longer than any generation
before, the prospect of leaving in pursuit of personal happiness and fulfillment,
becomes easier.

The Children Have All Moved Out

Many marriages are stabilized by raising children. Spouses assume the role
of parent and entirely shed the responsibilities they have to their spouse.
For some married couples, their entire relationship revolved around raising
children. With the children gone their relationship can quickly become
unfocused and unbalanced. If both spouses continue to feel unfulfilled,
they might soon look for romantic pursuits outside the relationship.

Struggles Adjusting to Retired Life

After a lifetime of working upwards of eight hours a day at the office
and the responsibilities of raising children, couples entering retirement
together may find their interests and values have changed. These changes
can make it difficult for spouses who may have spent the last 30 years
preoccupied with their career and family goals to discuss how they have
changed as individuals. Couples married for long periods of time may find
that once retired; they do not like spending too much time with their spouse.

Retired and Thinking of Divorce?

Whether you are retired, married for 20+ years or are simply unhappy in
a marriage after 50, our Ocala divorce lawyer has
extensive experience handling grey divorces. Couples divorcing after many years of marriage tend to need the most
knowledgeable family law attorneys as their cases often involve a great deal of
asset management, financial planning, and estate planning. The legal team at
Anne E. Raduns, PA is committed to providing affordable, realistic solutions to those considering
divorce well into their fifties and beyond.

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