How to Enforce Court Orders

Is your ex is refusing to comply with the court orders? Whether you have
had the terms of your divorce finalized in courts or have requested relief
for a matter such as
child support, your ex is bound by law to follow through with these terms. You can ask
the courts to enforce the court orders, which means that they can face
consequences under the law for refusing to follow through.

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How Do the Courts Handle these Cases?

The courts will use a variety of methods to achieve compliance, particularly
if your ex is not following through with agreed upon terms of child support or
child custody. Every case will depend on the various circumstances involved, as well.
They may choose to deduct wages or impose fines on someone who refuses
to pay child support.

Enforcing court orders can be done in the following ways:

  • Garnishing the other person’s wages
  • Finding the other spouse in contempt of court
  • Deducting from the other’s tax refunds, income, or other earnings
  • Placing a hold on the other’s bank account
  • Putting a lien on the other’s property
  • Placing a license suspension on the other person

Furthermore, the courts may also choose to deny the other person the ability
to see children, especially if they are not complying with visitation
or other orders. To ensure that the courts are taking the right action
to help you, you must call our Ocala family law attorney to help you attain
a favorable outcome.

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