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Why is January the Busiest Time for Divorces?

Family law attorneys throughout the United States understand that January is the busiest time for divorces. Once the holiday season is over, troubled couples typically want to get their lives straightened out and begin a new chapter by filing for divorce. But why?

The following are common reasons why January is the most popular month for divorces:

  • Nobody wants to ruin the holiday cheer. The main concern about filing for divorce during the holiday season is putting a damper on the festivities, especially if children are involved. The timing of it all has future repercussions. If a divorce happens on Thanksgiving or Christmas, then the kids will remember Thanksgiving or Christmas as the day the family broke apart for the rest of their lives.
  • The holidays are too busy. From family get-togethers and office parties to school plays and recitals, people often have a busy schedule during this time of year. Having to attend all of these events, plus shopping for gifts, with the addition of dealing with divorce can be too much to handle all at once.
  • The last straw. Troubled couples often view the holidays as a chance to rekindle the lost that has been lost. There are many cases, however, when things get worse. The stress of the holiday season and their divorce reaches a point where divorce is the only option after it is all over.
  • New Year’s resolutions. We tend to evaluate our lives at the end of the year. Troubled couples typically realize that they are not happy and decide that divorce is the best way to start being happy again.

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