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Can I Prevent My Spouse From Seeing My Finances?

Protecting Financial Privacy

Protecting sensitive information becomes more important during a divorce. Ensuring that your records are safe from eyes that may use them against you is a key to a successful settlement. Financial information can play a role in both the overall settlement as well as the final custody and support agreements.

You never want to hide money from your spouse, as doing so can cause harm to your case if discovered. However, you have the right to protect what is yours and prevent unwanted eyes from seeing what you have. Here are some steps you can take to enhance your financial security.

Separate Bank Accounts

Joint bank accounts allow both you and your spouse to access bank statements and payment histories at any time. In order to protect your finances, consider opening a separate bank account and transferring direct deposits to that account, thereby protecting your money and preventing your spouse from accessing it.

Transparency, however, is necessary. Inform your spouse of your intention to open a separate account. Failure to do so may not look great in the eyes of the court.

Separate Credit Cards

Similarly, any jointly held credit cards (i.e. credit cards that allow you to add an authorized user) are accessible to both you and your spouse during the divorce. Applying for a separate credit card not only prevents your spouse from accessing your spending history and seeing other personal information but opening your own account can also help you build credit apart from your spouse’s credit history.

Financial Statements

In instances where you have separate accounts from your spouse and you receive your bank or credit card statements through the mail, you may want to consider forwarding those documents to an address where your spouse cannot receive them. If, like many people today, you receive statements via email, ensure that your spouse does not have access to your email and change your password if needed.

Hire An Attorney

Bringing an experienced attorney to handle your case and help you with your financial privacy is perhaps the most important step you can take in your divorce. Anne E. Raduns, PA knows how to work with divorce cases and can help you fight for what is rightfully yours.

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