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The First Steps for Divorce

During the beginning of the New Year, many individuals decide it is time to change their personal lives. Sometimes this involves a restructuring of the family unit and deciding to proceed with a divorce. This is not an easy choice to make, but there are ways to ease the process and take steps to benefit the whole family.

If you are considering divorce, consider the following suggestions from Anne E. Raduns, PA. We want you to make informed and confident decisions for your family.

Support From Counseling

A counselor may assist you in navigating any issues you are experiencing in your marriage, preventing you from having to file in the first place. However, not all marriages are saved by counseling. Yet, counselors can still act as a support system throughout the divorce process, offering emotional advice and coping strategies. If you have children, a counselor can assist you in communicating with them about the situation in a positive manner.

Find Quality Legal Support

Having an experienced, compassionate attorney on your side is crucial when navigating divorce. Finding someone who works exclusively in family law can provide even more benefits, as they focus on relevant matters such as parenting time and property division. For example, Anne E. Raduns, PA is well versed in family law, providing clients with support and educational guides. Attorney Raduns will work with you collaboratively, finding the best approach for your unique situation.

Be Honest With Your Spouse

Before getting too far into the process, have an honest, transparent conversation with your spouse. Let them know of your feelings through a compassionate and caring lens, avoiding critical or harsh language. If you and your spouse will have to co-parent, this type of communication will continue to be an essential part of your relationship.

Determining The Best Approach

There are many different avenues to take when it comes to divorce. For most, what comes to mind are traditional litigation tactics, which can result in individuals battling out the terms of their separation in court. However, there are other viable methods and approaches for divorce. For example, there are options for collaborative divorce and mediation. In these approaches, the couple can work together to reach agreements on support, alimony, or parenting plans. It is essential to point out that not every couple can negotiate or is willing to compromise. In these situations, traditional litigation and court-based approaches are the way to go.

Learn More About The Process

Legally ending your marriage can be a confusing process. Most people don’t learn about the ins and outs of legal terminology and specific state laws regarding divorce when going through school. If you and your spouse are separating, find reputable legal sources, such as Anne E. Raduns, PA to learn more about the process in Florida. If you enter the divorce with this education, you will feel more confident in your decision-making process. Furthermore, your attorney can act as a resource to answer any critical questions you may have.

Finances Are Important

As you separate, it will be critical to manage your finances and bank accounts appropriately. For example, you may need to close all joint bank accounts and ensure that you have one set up in your name. It is also crucial that you have enough funds set away for a divorce attorney or any other potential expenses that may arise in the process, such as child care for meetings with attorneys or set court dates.

The Kids Come First

If you and your spouse have children, they should always come first in this process. When hiring attorneys, choosing the best approach, or even just having a conversation with your ex-spouse, always keep your kids in mind. What type of communication would be best for them? What type of example do I want to set for them? How can I make this process as smooth as possible for my children? These are all questions that are important to keep in mind when navigating divorce.

Know That Support Is Here

It can be challenging to maintain a positive outlook when navigating divorce. However, an experienced and compassionate attorney can help you identify the positives and potential successes through separation. Furthermore, if you encounter difficulties, know that Anne E. Raduns, PA is here to help you through this process.


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