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August 2014

  • American Marriages More Unstable than Ever
  • How to Create a Happy, Functional Stepfamily
  • How to Deal with Complex Financial or Property Issues in a Divorce
  • Divorce Recovery: The Power of Forgiveness
  • Relationships: Should You Stay or Go?

July 2014

  • Protect Children from Conflict During Divorce
  • Moral Acceptability of Divorce Reaches Record Highs
  • Knowing if You Should Stay or Go
  • Divorce Decorating Checklist: A Primer
  • Seven Guidelines for Middle-Ground: Part 3/3

June 2014

  • Coming to Terms: Glossary of Divorce
  • Seven Guidelines for Middle-Ground: Part 2/3
  • What to Do When Your Kids Don't Like Your New Partner
  • 10 Common Relationship-Sabotaging Behaviours: Part 3/3
  • Child Support Overview

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  • The Shock of Divorce
  • Your Life After Divorce
  • How to Evaluate an Attorney
  • Steering Clear of Financial Landmines
  • Ready to Give Up Your Baggage?

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December 2012

  • Trust: How to get it back
  • How to Prepare for a Custody Trial
  • The Co-parenting Relationship
  • Feeling Hatred
  • Tips for Spending Quality "Virtual" Time with Your Children this Holiday

November 2012

October 2012

September 2012

  • The Best Interest of the Client
  • Your Adult Child's Divorce - Part 2
  • Talking to Your Child: Positive Comments About Her Other Parent
  • Forgive Yourself First in Order To Recover from Divorce
  • Whose Fault is it Anyway?

August 2012 E-Newsletter

July 2012 E-Newsletter

  • An introduction to divorce mediation
  • Yes, divorce, even if you chose it, is a loss
  • Planning tips for summer vacation for shared parenting
  • 5 hidden costs of keeping the house after divorce
  • Victimhood: The curse of divorce recovery

June 2012 E-Newsletter

  • How Counselling Helps Children
  • The Power of Listening
  • Financial Recovery after Divorce
  • Your Parting Words: How to Break the News Responsibly
  • The Shock of Divorce

May 2012 E-Newsletter

April 2012 E-Newsletter

March 2012 E-Newsletter

  • Reasons for Divorce
  • Dealing with Friends, Family, and More During Divorce
  • Children's Wishes and the Law
  • Build a Happy, Healthy Life Together - Part 1
  • Managing Negative Thoughts Through Positive Manipulation

February 2012 E-Newsletter

January 2012 E-Newsletter

December 2011 E-Newsletter

November 2011 E-Newsletter

  • Family Court Justice Harvey Brownstone Reflects on changes, issues & trends in divorce over the past 15 years
  • The three main reasons why couples separate
  • Some divorce stories to help you with your personal journey
  • The curse of divorce recovery
  • It's all in how you look at things…

September 2011 E-Newsletter

  • Back to School
  • Love in Ruins
  • Words of Warning
  • Concealing Information From Your Divorce Lawyer
  • Should you tell your children about your infidelity?

August 2011 E-Newsletter

  • How to Evaluate a Lawyer
  • What to Include in Your Parenting Plan
  • Will Debt Be A Factor In Your Divorce?
  • Boot Camp for the Broken Hearted
  • Life Quotes

June 2011 E-Newsletter

April 2011 Newsletter

  • Divorce Therapy for Parents
  • Popular Myths about Shared Parenting
  • How Can You Control Your Legal Costs?
  • Moving Through Your Anger
  • Taking Control

March 2011 Newsletter

  • The Power of Middle Ground
  • Experiment with Happiness
  • Discovering Your Financial Reality
  • Keep in Contact with Your Ex about the Children
  • Social Media is a Gold Mine for Damning Evidence

February 2011 Newsletter

  • Gray Divorce
  • To Reconcile, Negotiate, Mediate, or Litigate?
  • Get Your Head Right
  • Child Friendly Divorce
  • Your New Financial Identity

January 2011 Newsletter

  • Are you Really Ready for Divorce?
  • Anger
  • An Extraordinary Life
  • Meditate away your stress
  • Humor

December 2010 Newsletter

November 2010 Newsletter

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August 2010 Newsletter

  • On the Case
  • Charting Your Expenses
  • Stepping off the Roller Coaster
  • Building a Happier Future
  • The Art of Negotiation

July 2010 Newsletter

  • Working with Your Attorney to Get the Best Results Possible
  • Your Money Personality
  • Full Esteem Ahead
  • Successful Step Families
  • Reinventing Relationships

June 2010 Newsletter

  • How to Get a Divorce
  • Avoiding Common Pitfalls
  • Think Positive!
  • Children's Reaction
  • What is Collaborative Divorce?

May 2010 Newsletter

  • Advice from A Judge
  • Financial Health Check-Up
  • Curing the Divorce Hangover
  • Handling Visitation
  • One Singular Sensation

April 2010 Newsletter

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